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I had a dream last night in which two characters, to clarify their roles in a plan, had the following exchange:
Character 1: "....wait, so *I'm* Kathy Lee?"
Character 2: "No. You Regis, *I* Kathy Lee."

And furthermore, I swear this was a metaphor that made perfect sense. (Alas, being awake, the sense now eludes me rather completely.)

This was, furthermore, during a speech in a grocery store berating students for eating and drinking, since they should only carry water bottles around due to some rule. The guy then waxed angry and somewhat philosophical on water bottles and to some degree implied that it was ok to steal them just so you'd have one. I also overheard someone else then warning him that the media was sure to take his words and twist them and make him seem like a bad person.

Mostly, I just want to know how metaphorically being either Regis or Kathy Lee would clarify *anything*. I suppose I will never know again.

(This sort of dream is why people often don't get very coherent conversation out of me when they first wake me up.)

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