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It's way too late and I don't care

I just mailed off my check for a permanent account! Whee! (See announcement about permanent accounts and such things here: http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=news&itemid=53184 ) I'm someone who hates periodic bills (deadlines and I don't get along), so this is much better than buying a paid account for me (especially since I seem to keep putting that off). I am very shortly going to have an ungodly amount of userpics to choose from. I already plan to add a "silly" one and probably a "algeh and clipdude" one for entries about my sweetie. We'll see. I may also make a mood icon theme, although I may not have time until summer. The really good thing is I'll now have a permanent email address to give out to people when I graduate. That will be nice, since I doubt that any of my current ones will be around for much longer.

In other news, I have yet to demonstrate my ability to find my way out of a paper bag to penumbrafox. I got lost on the way back from picking him up at the airport. >.< Go me. At least I didn't get lost when I took him, diantha and clipdude to the store today...that would have been truly pathetic.

I should be working on my geometry midterm right now, but I'm not. I must be one of those cool kids who doesn't need to do homework. Yeah, that's it.

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