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Portland this weekend

I'll be up in Portland this weekend, as a couch is making the harrowing journey from my mom's house to my dad's house, and my dad will be in Arizona so I have to be there to let the movers in. (The couch must move as grammy's chairs need to go in its current home.)

So anyway, I have a newly extra-couched house and no people other than me who are trying to sleep in it on Saturday night, so I was thinking of having some people over, maybe doing a barbecue or something. Fondue is calling to me with its cheesy goodness as well, but it makes a giant mess and I'm not sure quite where my fondue pot was last seen. Failing that, I'd at least like to see people at some point. I'm busy on the middle of the day Saturday with the couch, and I'll probably spend most of the weekend helping mom clean out grammy's old apartment, but I can probably steal some time Sunday or something, and my evenings should be free. So, anyone up for something? (giapet, I should also figure out how to get your Christmas present to you, and two_star, I have your toothpaste and the book you loaned to rathanylakan a while ago that I should return to you, so we should also try to figure those things out.)

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