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7 more days of class until spring break

I'm so tired. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, even on the nights when I have enough time to set aside so I should get a good night's sleep. Bleh.

Tonight, however, I have homework. I would be in bed by now, but I spent the afternoon having a mild-but-lasting-several-hours inability to do anything constructive without panicking thing. This effectively wiped out the time I had set aside for my geometry homework and an education assignment. I almost missed my education class, but I made myself go even though I was near tears the whole way there, since we only meet once a week and we're only allowed to miss once a semester. I want to save that time, in case something worse comes up. I have finished my fucking Differential Equations homework at least. It basically consisted of 10 zillion stupid graphs, all of which I did on the computer and printed out. Whee. Yay for busywork in a 200 level college class. That's just what I need.

We got the results back from the Putnam exam finally. I scored at least one point, appearantly. I sent an email out about it to my parents, qousqous and Sean. All but Sean have written me back. Bah. I know he's busy, but part of me is still disappointed that he hasn't taken the time to congratulate me. Oh well. Sean's never really been one for email as a method of communication. At least half of the reason I took the stupid test is that I spent so much time staring at Sean's name on the stupid Putnam plaque in the math department while waiting to talk to one of my professors when I was a sophomore. Ha! Now I'll be on the damn thing too.

I volunteered to go on an overnight field trip in June with the 6th graders I do my practicum with. I have no idea how well that will go, but I have the time to volunteer and it might be fun. We'll see. They're pretty good kids, but it might get overwhelming.

Bleh. Must go finish homework so I can get at least some sleep tonight.

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