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At least my car is not on fire

clipdude and I finally solved my hungry problem by going through the Jack in the Box drive thru and me buying greasy food. When we parked the car, I noticed it was streaming/smoking under the hood. Great. I decided that I should call campus safety on some theory that they could at least tell if it was on fire or something. (I also attempted to determine this myself, but I figured that I should call them anyway.) So I call their emergency number. It rang twice, then dead silence. Great. I try again. Fast busy. Repeat for about 10 minutes. Finally, the car basically stopped smoking of its own accord. Some emergency number that turned out to be. I just sent off an email to the Dean of Students, the director of campus safety and anyone on the campus safety website who looked important about it. Joy. Note to self: In case of emergency, fuck campus safety.

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