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Party reminder and food

Reminder: Chris and I are having an apartment-warming party tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, at 1600. In Eugene. At our apartment. Duh.

We will be having tacos for dinner. I will be providing seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, flour soft-shell tortillas, sour cream, corn, black beans, and lettuce (possibly refried beans as well). Tomatoes are expensive right now, so I'm going to pass on buying them. If someone wants to bring them, they would be appreciated. Anything else people like on/with tacos would also be good, and maybe you should mention in the comments that you're bringing it so we don't get duplicates.

For drinks, we have whatever was left over from my last party (a little bit of rum, brandy, kirsch, irish cream, buttershots, aftershock, and root beer schnapps), a few assorted bottles of beer and cider, soy and regular milk, orange juice, and plenty of tap water. I'm debating buying a root beer keg and some ice cream, but I need to see how much money I have left after buying taco stuff. So, if you like soda, bring it. If you like a reasonable selection of hard liquor, or decent selection of beer, bring something. We also have both asian and yuppie grocery stores within a block or so, as well as a liquor store, if you wish to assess the situation before buying stuff. The party will be fine even if no one brings anything, but it will be rather lacking in carbonated beverage options since I'm pretty broke and Chris and I don't tend to have that kind of stuff on hand.

We also offer limited sleeping accommodations. However, we only have non-floor spots for 3, and two of them need to be pretty friendly. Thus, it would be best if people brought sleeping bags, pillows, and sleeping pads. If more than 1 or 2 people will be floor-sleeping, they will probably want to do it in the kitchen, so air mattresses or sleeping pads of some kind are suggested. (If you don't like being stepped on and prefer being out of the way, sleeping in the kitchen is your best bet as a floor-sleeper regardless.)

We offer showers in the morning, but suggest that you supply your own linens.

Also, we only have 5 chairs. If a few folding chairs could be brought by someone, it would be much easier for everyone to eat dinner, as we probably have table space for 7 or 8 (plus 3 or so can sit on the couch and use the coffee table), but only seating for 4 or 5 (one of our chairs kind of sucks). We could probably borrow one or two lawn chairs from our neighbors, but it'd be easier if people brought something.

Breakfast, for those sleeping over, will consist of grape nuts, instant oatmeal, possibly pancakes if I'm awake in time, and anything left over from the tacos that sounds good to people. And ham. If eggs are cheap, I might pick up some of those, too. We'll see.

Off to the store!

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