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Fuck you so much, MSAT prep book

I'm studying for the MSAT, and I have apparently chosen a really cruddy book to do it from. (This test sucks to start with, as it's basically a poorly-conceived breadth requirement but wants such specific kinds of breadth that it's just dumb.) So far, I've answered about 12 literature questions, and have one where the book is out and out wrong and several where I think my answer was better but could see it their way. (Bear in mind that I consistently score highly on tests asking questions of this nature, receiving, for example, an 800 on the verbal SAT and a 670 on the verbal GRE, where I was mostly hurt by having spent a year doing math instead of reading, and in general tending to get all of the "reading from a passage" questions correctly whenever I get a break down by score area.)

So anyway, I'm not that worried about this specific section (which I did more as a warm-up, to get a feel for the book), but I'm now seriously considering ditching this book and getting a different one to try to relearn all of high school history and science out of in the next week or so. It doesn't help that this book spent about 40 pages going over a bunch of crap about literature that didn't actually have a damn thing to do with answering the questions.

Grumpy Nea.

Did I mention that I fucking hate standardized tests?

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