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Note to self: get a "No Solicitors" sign

Guh. Just had annoying magazine salesperson at the door. HE TOUCHED MY HAIR. WHY? What is it about long hair that just turns off the "personal space" part of people's brains? He also didn't know what the word "apathy" meant (this is my usual answer when people ask me how I got such long hair), but that I can deal with.

Do they really think that long hair feels different than short hair?

I usually get this from middle-aged women, who I can kind of understand not expecting me to need personal space because of some cretinous "we're both women and it's therefore not-threatening" premise that I've never bought on a gut level, but this was a 6' tall 20-something guy who said he was from the "inner city" (which must mean he isn't from this particular city, because that's such total bullshit in Eugene that it isn't even funny, or that he was full of shit in general, which also struck me as likely), so I have to imagine he's not used to just randomly touching people.

Gruh. This is why I usually keep my hair braided, and don't brush it every day.

Also: Tip to door-to-door salespeople: Don't mention that someone's hair (or other bodily feature) is a "turn-on" if you're not selling products directly related to that body part. Actually, it's probably a good idea to avoid doing this in general. But especially if you're selling magazines rather than, say, Avon.

At least he suggested that I could sell it and make some money rather than telling me about those damn kids with cancer that need wigs.

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