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Tired and cranky (Caution: gratuitous use of the work "fuck")

I've been way too busy to update this thing lately. I still am, but I need to not be constructive for a minute or two.

We got out of choir over an hour early because someone had "prepared" (stuck screws and rubber bands in the strings of) the piano we use for rehearsal and left a note saying they needed it to stay that way. >.< Bleh. This made very hard to practice. Fuckers. They could have at least left the other piano unlocked for us. We have a concert on Saturday, too. >.<

I've been going nuts trying to get grad school applications in. It sucks a lot, but I'm almost done. I keep missing deadlines. Bleh. I take the GRE tomorrow. I don't wanna. The idea of a calculatorless math test representing how well I'll do in grad school (especially since it's basically testing whether or not I still remember math I learned in fucking middle and early high school, it doesn't even touch on college level stuff) is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. I mean, I was ok with the Putman being calculatorless, since it wasn't supposed to represent how well you'd do in school in general, but rather test who excelled at a certain type of math and problem solving, but the GRE is just fucking stupid for being that way. In grad school, I will use a calculator. It's that simple.

I have two classes to do homework for before tomorrow, too. Bleh. Blejh.

I now have to go, for the boyfriend discovered that I'm not in choir.

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