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This is a reminder that we're having an Eugene apartment-warming party next Saturday, the 13th of November. It shall commence at 1600 and go and go and go (those of you from out of town are welcome to stay here Saturday night, and should tell me if you plan on doing so in the comments).

There will be food of some kind. Suggestions are welcome, but otherwise it'll probably be either burgers or tacos since those are easy. We have no barbecue here, so it won't be as exciting as usual foodwise. There will be liquor for those 21+, and you are welcome to bring your favorite intoxicating-but-legal substance. There is also a liquor store down the street. I have my usual Funny Flavored Stuff, a tiny bit of rum, and some brandy. Those of you who like to mix drinks involving gin or vodka should bring some or go without. I haven't procured any non-alcoholic beverages yet, but I'm thinking of getting a root beer keg, 'cause they're only about 15 bucks and it's pretty funny.

Planned activities include the apartment being warm, and probably people sitting around and talking. We have lots of old computer paper, so some kind of art will happen. Those of you who don't like to wake up with drawings all over your body should probably tell the rest of us that before you start drinking.

Everyone should totally come. If you don't know my address, it's here. If you can't see that and would like to come, comment here so I can add you to that group. Visitor parking is theoretically not allowed in our lot, but in reality we have no permits and the lot is never full. One or two extra cars won't be a problem, but more than that and you'll have to park on street a ways away and walk, since it would be a bad idea to completely fill the lot. We are also on several bus routes, comment if you want specifics.

Please show up! We're making a real effort to de-filth the place for this and everything. *big sad eyes*

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