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It's a weekend. Finally.

I actually get a weekend this weekend. That's incredibly exciting. I plan to spend it sleeping.

Elizabeth's joining my GURPS game, so she and diantha came over yesterday and we helped her make a character. Character creation always seems to take forever in GURPS. Ah well. clipdude and qousqous are out of town anyway, so it's not like we could have had much of a session regardless. I was looking through my GM notes trying to find a map I'd made, and I found a bunch of old quotes from last summer. I've updated my quotes page accordingly.

Sample quote:
"Oh no, someone invited us on a boat. We're all going to die."
- qousqous

Whee. I need to remember to get Elizabeth a folder while I'm at dad's house today, since I'm out of extra ones and it helps to keep everyone's character stuff organized. I made poor 3D Home Architect draw more plans it wasn't suited for, too. I wonder if there's a way to make new libraries of furniture for it. I'll have to investigate. That would be very handy. I need to work on my NPC's character sheets. Drawing plans is more fun, though.

Poor Sean broke his foot. This makes me want to drive up there and nurse him back to health. Bleh. I may see if it's possible to send him balloons or something. He sent me a Happy Valentine's Day message, too. I wish I'd had time to be on the computer that day. >.< Heck, I wish I'd had time of any kind that day, I barely even got to see my sweetie. I totally bailed on sending out valentines to most of the people I meant to send them to. The only person who got me one who I didn't have time to get one to was my RA though. I meant to give her one, but I ran out of time, since i was going to lean them up against people's doors for the people in my hall. I got the ones that were going to go through campus mail out, at least.

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