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Seattle this weekend

Looking online, it appears that a hotel room at

Days Inn Seattle North Seattle
19527 Aurora Avenue North Highway 99
Seattle, WA 98133 US

Can be had for somewhere between $50-$60 a night. The internet is a confusing way to do this research, however. Sean, you have some idea of Seattle, is this hotel at all close to where we are going? So anyway, I'm going to assume $70 a night and hope to be pleasantly surprised. This means that those who would like to spend two nights will probably be paying between $25 and $30, but should have $35 available in case. (This assumes that 4 people, who I understand to be me, Dawn, Sean, and Liz, are on the two-night (Friday and Saturday) plan.) Those of you planning Saturday only, who I understand to be Gia, Mike, and Qous, should plan on spending between $17 and $20 each, and be able to spend as much as $24 or so (based on 3 people). If anyone wants to correct my assumption about their number of nights, or bail out, please let me know so I can refigure the amounts based on the new number of people. If we're doing this, we really need to get the hotel rooms booked, since this is for this weekend.

If you are one of the people listed in this message, and this is exactly what you thought was happening and you are ok with what I assumed you were doing and can spend the money, please comment letting me know that you've read this and are ok with it. I need to touch base with each of you, so we can figure out who's credit card each room is going on and so forth. I personally will not book a room without having talked to everyone I expect to have pay me back and having confirm the plan with me over the phone; I assume others feel the same way. Let's get this sorted by tomorrow, which is Tuesday.

Or we can all stay home and cry instead.

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