I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


We finally have a landline, so I am once again on the internet, at least sometimes. I have caught up on all the LiveJournal I missed, but I didn't comment on things because everything was so old and it would just get overwhelming. If you wanted me to comment on anything in particular, or just want to be extra-sure I read it, link it below.

Oh, and I'm not planning on having a Halloween party this year due to being in Eugene (the apartment-warming party will be in November, feel free to start suggesting good/bad weekends) but it sounds like Sean's got a line on a party in Seattle the day before and Qous made some vague mutterings about maybe doing a Halloween party in Portland, so if you'd usually go to my party, consult with them since that's where I'll be. I'll even run a shuttle from Eugene via Portland up to Seattle if that party happens.

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