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Worn out

Well, the mathematical modeling contest was this past weekend. clipdude,diantha and I spent the vast majority of the weekend trying to model things to do with airline overbooking. Joy. I am so tired. I have a weekend's worth of homework to do tonight. Don't wanna. It's math. I already did math. Bleh.

I talked with my thesis prof and we decided to narrow my thesis topic since I've been having a bitch of a time getting translations for most of the anime I wanted to analyze. Now I'm just analyzing the changes in Card Captor Sakura to CardCaptors, and looking at the manga, anime and associated toys and other products. Hey, does anyone know if there was a CardCaptors calendar this year? I bought a CCS one, and it would be cool to be able to compare them. It should still be a good thesis, and there is almost nothing in the literature about anime, let alone my specific focus of changes made when dubbing for a US audience. You'd think there would be, but I really haven't found much. I worry that my thesis is going to sound too fannish unless I'm careful, though. I've pulled it off when writing about other things, like the time I wrote a semiotics paper about the covers of Tanith Lee novels. I guess I'm good at sounding intelligent about my hobbies.

I need sleep. I don't get sleep. I get to do homework for three math classes. Yippee.

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