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Bleh. Way too busy.

School is kicking my butt this semester. 3 math classes is a lot. I'm not used to spending this much time on homework. At least all 3 can never have homework due on the same day, since always has homework due on Mondays and Thursdays and another on Fridays. The other is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I tend to have 2 assignments due on Mondays and Fridays. Bleh. It's hard to sit and do 2 completely different math assignments in a row.

Complete tangent - someone else in the building seems to be making nachos, or at least it smells like it. I want some!

I've come down with a cold in the past few days. At first I thought I had strep throat, but then my nose started running. >.< I hate colds. My face feels hot and my hands feel cold. My head feels funny in general. Bleh.

I went to Seattle for a Student Leadership conference last weekend. 'twas ok. I couldn't drive, since I'm not checked out for the school vans. That was kind of refreshing, since I'm almost always the driver on long trips. I did all the driving both ways to the Programming Competition last semester, which was a lot. It was nice to get to sleep in the van. I felt sorry for the girl driving though, especially since it snowed on the way back.

The conference itself was interesting, although it was trying to be around that many people for so long. There were a few good ideas for events to run in the dorms, and it's nice to meet people from other colleges in the Northwest. Some people from Canada gave me ketchup potato chips! Yum. I have a feeling I'll get the most obnoxious craving for them in a few months.

It was at UW, and we stayed at a hotel in the U district. It was kind of odd, being back in Seattle. I hadn't been back since Sean and I broke up, and I walked by where he used to live. So many events in my life happened around there, in that wretched little cube of an apartment, driving around those streets, wandering around that part of town. I tried to go see him, but he got snowed in across town. >.< I saw where his new apartment is, though. It's really easy to find.

They have a nifty ice cream parlor up there, where they mix a bunch of different toppings into the ice cream. We went there a bit after midnight on Friday, since Rachel wanted to stop at Dairy Queen on the way and we didn't. It's the only place I've seen that has sweet cream ice cream.

The only thing I didn't like about the conference was sleeping on the floor. It seems I always sleep on the floor in Seattle. I don't sleep well if I'm sharing a bed with someone I don't know well, and the conference had us 4 to a room. When I used to go visit Sean, he didn't even own a bed. The last time I slept in a bed in Seattle I was probably in early high school, when mom and I went up for some CTY thing.

I always think of Seattle as basically the U district, since that's the only place I ever stay. It used to be for CTY stuff, then with Sean, and now this conference. When I was really little, we stopped in Seattle on our way to B.C. and did a bit of general sightseeing, but other than that it's always been the U district.

This weekend I'm just going to stay around school, maybe go home for a bit. I need to do homework and get well again. Next weekend is the Mathematical Modeling Competition, and I need to be caught up in school and feeling better by then. clipdude, diantha and I are going to be on a team together, unless we decide to bail. We're all really busy.

I got my practicum scheduled for my education class. I get to go back to MLC, where I went to high school and part of middle school. I get to tutor in my old 8th grade math teacher's class, which should be fun. I'm also going to be working with another teacher, but she teaches a younger grade than I was by the time I went there, so I never had her. It should be fun to go back. Hopefully, most of my friends have graduated by now (since most of them were in high school when I graduated 4 years ago, although some were younger and may still be there.), but many of the little kids I met TA'ing should still be there. There should be any confusing authority issues, since even if any of my friends are still there, they'd be in high school by now and I'm working with middle school and younger. It shouldn't matter if I tutor kids who knew me from when I TA'd, since that was about the same power structure as far as it affects them. Obviously, I have more expected of me now, but I'm still in a position where I'm more of an "adult" than they are but not really a teacher. This kind of stuff isn't very important at MLC anyway. I taught an elective class to my friends while still in high school, and even that worked out fine. I passed them all, but they also all deserved to, having had good attendance and having completed the work just fine. I also once led 2 of the more hmm...not quite sure of the word....type of students who tend to wear black, metal studs and maybe unusual hair (not really goths or any other "label" I can really think of) on a make-up field trip on a "Flowering Tree Walk". That's one of the things I liked best about my old school, that we all tended to respect each other. Not only did they actually attend a make up field trip led by a student, which involved taking busses across town, they actually read along and did the field trip in a reasonably non-half-assed way. I don't think that would have happened at most schools.

Anyway, I'm babbling.

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