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I had a party last night

The problem with drinking too much, at least for me, is that it tends to leave me and/or the house in a state that would be hard enough to cope with on a clear head and a good night's sleep.

I have not gone downstairs yet to see the giant pile of cleaning-to-be-done that I'm sure the living room is. However, in a routine inspection of my surface area, I determined that there were asian characters of some kind on my foot and various green designs all over my arms. This meant I had to find a shower cap and take an EXTRA BONUS SHOWER (since I do not generally shower every day, because then my hair and skin would both hate me) in order to start looking sensible again. I hope I got them all.

The Gia called and woke me up at some point a bit after 1000. I think I babbled all kinds of weird shit at her, because I am never at my best when I wake up, and today I can't tell if I'm still drunk, hungover, or just tired. I feel like I can't feel my face, but I can. It's right there on my head where I left it.

This house is too goddamn cold. The shower helped with that too.

I'm supposed to be at a convention right now, but Sean and Siobhan appear to still be asleep, and I'm not sure I should be trusted to operate any heavy machinery, like a car, a toaster, or a fountain pen, in my current state. (Incidentally, dstroy, this means I am pretty assuredly not coming to your party. I don't think I should subject others to my sparkling personality for a while yet, plus I still need to go to the con and also eat something (not in that order).)

What little of last night that I remember indicates to me that I probably did some pretty stupid things. Whatever they were, I'm sorry. Unless I'm not. It can be hard to tell when you have no idea what they were. I seem to recall that we finished off the first bottle of aftershock, which is rather disconcerting. I also think I might have spilled beer on the carpet. I suppose I should stop speculating and get down there and assess the destruction. Also get breakfast. I was going to make some big complicated breakfast with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and homemade donuts, but others are still asleep so perhaps I should just have oatmeal.

I probably shouldn't drink like this at parties. But I woke up (a) in my own house and (b) alone, so I guess things could be a lot harder to cope with than they are. I will try to set a reminder in my stupid drunken head to not let people draw on me unless I want to take a shower the next day next time, though. There are probably a lot of other reminders I should set, but I have forgotten them.

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