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What is good in rum?

I have this theory that I should pick up another bottle of hard liquor each time I have a party, until I have a reasonable selection. So anyway, this time I was thinking rum, to go with the Coke. Unless most of you who will be attending prefer gin. Anyway, what's a good type of rum to get so it is not terrible, but also not too nice to mix with things? I am clueless about such things, as I drink beer. And cider. I should really pick up more beer and cider. Tomorrow.

Tonight, I got corn on the cob, ice cream, root beer, german sausages, sausage buns, and hamburger buns (we already have plenty of hamburger patties). I did not buy new kazoos, as I all I could find were the kind that didn't kazoo last time. I wanted tiny harmonicas, but couldn't find any of those either. This party will be sadly lacking in self-made music.

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