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Reminder: Party on Friday

This is just a reminder that I am having a going-away party on this Friday, the 3th, at 1900 at my dad's house. Please comment here if you did not comment before, or call me and let me know if you're coming.

Feel free to spread the word throughout any of the rest of my group of friends that you may have access to. I'm not specifically trying to avoid inviting anyone (hence the public post on the internet and all), I'm just really busy and don't have time to make a lot of phone calls. I should probably at least call Jeff, though, although he'll probably be busy on this short of notice.

Also, this would be a good time to let me know if you have any favorite foods (ideally grill-related) or beverages (ideally not grill-related) that I should consider. Those of you who enjoy beverages of an alcoholic nature and not either dark beer, brandy, or weird flavored liquors should particularly speak up (or bring your own favorites), as my liquor cabinet is a bit limited and I don't tend to drink beer I can see through or distinguish from coffee by color alone. Those of you with particular taste in soda may wish to do the same, as I've picked up a 2-liter of Coke, and otherwise will have the Weird Hippy Beverages that I tend to impulse buy, but little else. I will probably have both sparkling and pink lemonades. Those of you who are vegetarians should strongly consider bringing your own food, as I am not particularly knowledgeable about what is good in such things. I plan on serving some combination of burgers and chicken breasts, unless someone has another idea that sounds better. Unlike my birthday party, I will try to serve dinner earlier and not have more than 2 or 3 drinks before firing up the grill.
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