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I never have anything to say anymore

I seem to be not posting in here much. There are probably several reasons for this. First off, I'm a very boring person, and so I don't really have much to say. Also, I always worry that I'll annoy the people who list me as a friend by writing posts that are boring and poorly written. Also, it seems that I just haven't been much for the journal writing since the whole Sean thing ended, over a year and a half ago. I kept up with daily entries for almost a year, chronicling from near when the whole Sean thing first started to heat up (a month and 10 days after our first kiss) to shortly after we started dating, just before I moved to California to be with him. (Yes, there was a period of almost a year between our first kiss (June 15th, 1999) and when we started dating (April 9th, 2000). This is only one of the many reasons that our relationship was fucked up. Do we get bonus points for each dating the other's best friend?) After I got back, I wrote a few half-hearted entries, but I never have gotten back into daily journaling.

I check my friends list damn near every day though, and I've been helping out in support every now and then. I also post to communities sometimes.

Tonight, dad and I watched the Tron DVD we bought last time we went to Costco. That was fun. Ann was being a bit of a pill, but she usually is. I've been wanting to slap her for a day or so now. My dad had neck surgery on Wednesday, and is still recovering. He can't drive or lift things, for example. He also can't sit without his neck supported for long. Ann (his girlfriend) got all bitchy when he asked her to go to the store and pick up some medicine related things for him. She was coming over that day anyway, she just didn't want to stop at the store on her way. She yelled at him and told him that I should do it for him instead. At this point, I was still asleep, and he didn't see any reason to wake me up, make me get dressed and make a special trip when she was already driving right by the store to come over. She got mad at him tonight for not wanting to eat dinner at the table (he wanted to sit in the recliner instead so his head would be supported). Then she bugged him to change the channel every 5 minutes, even though he said he wanted to watch the thing he was watching. She is just generally being the Least Supportive Person On Earth. I wish she'd either snap out of it or go the fuck home until he's better. Maybe if I hid all the wine in the house she'd leave. Grr. I leave to go back to school tomorrow. I hope Ann gets her fucking act together and starts acting polite and useful. Hell, after her surgery, I went to 2 stores buying her stupid facial masks, and hers was a fucking cosmetic surgery. Dad's was actually needed. She can just be so goddamn self centered sometimes.

I don't wanna go back to school. I have to take 3 math classes this semester. Bleh.

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