I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
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Life changes ahoy!

Today, I am quitting my job.

Judging from the fact that everyone else who has quit in the 8 months I've worked there (which is a disconcertingly high number) has been asked to work out their two weeks, I expect my last day to be the 8th.

Then, I am moving to Eugene. I will spend this year taking math classes and the exams needed to get into their master's degree teaching program, which starts in June. Classes start September 29th.

In the meantime I am having a farewell party. It shall be Friday the 3rd, right before Kumoricon, at my dad's house. I reckon it should start about 1900. Everyone should totally come, but they should let me know that they are doing it, so I can buy food. I know this is short notice, but it is also the only weekend I can possibly squeeze it in until well after I've moved.
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