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Toga-related conclusions

I have come to several toga-related conclusions:

  1. The best way to do the waist part is to wrap it around twice, once as a skirt and once as a top

  2. There is no way in hell that this will be flattering on me without pantyhose, elastic, and a tulle underskirt

    1. There is no way to include these items and still be able to remove my toga in front of others without them thinking I am nuts (which, as this is a togas-as-swimsuit-coverings party, is something of a given)

  3. There is no point in actually making a nice hem around the edge of all this

  4. I need to come to some kind of decision on the "shaving" issue, as this outfit is definitely going to show legs and armpits (my clothes generally show neither)

    1. I have no idea where my razor is, which may make that decision for me

  5. I am tempted to wear my ghost costume instead, as it is somewhat similar, but much more flattering on me

    1. However, it is August

    2. This would also be much like wearing a sack over my head, which I have also considered

  6. My period better damn well not be early this month

No, I haven't started working on my costume for Kumricon yet. Shut up. I bought pantyhose for it, though, and I've had part of the bootcovers and the top done for a good year and a half now.

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