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Schedule/to do list

This is mostly for my benefit, but it could also be a ploy for sympathy and/or attention.

Aug. 22nd: Anime club at Gia's

Aug. 28th: Sean party (1)

Sept. 4th-6th: Kumoricon (2)

Sept. 11th: Unclear. Kelly's wedding if I'm invited (3) (since I haven't gotten an invitation, I'm leaning toward "not", which makes sense since weddings get expensive quickly with each person you add), spending time with sweetie-Chris otherwise since I have no time to see him between now and then.

Sept. 17th-19th: Beach with mom and grandma.

Sept. 24th-26th: Chris.

That's every weekend until October. Fun things, but that's *every weekend until October*.

To be ready for these things, I need to:

(1) Create a toga-like object. This has the sub-tasks of figuring out what one looks like, sewing one, figuring out appropriate accessories, and possibly figuring out how to hum a few bars and fake a pair of sandals. Also possibly locate a white leotard-type bodysuit to wear under it, which the outlet mall I went to today failed utterly to have in my size. This isn't required, but it's a good thing to be able to fall back on if my sewing skills fail on me and my toga-type-object doesn't hold up well. I hope to have this completed before next weekend, so I can focus on

(2) My costume for Kumoricon. I have delusions of finally finishing the same costume I've been poking at for about a year and half now. I think I have the right fabric for the skirt, so I should be able to at least piece together the dress next weekend if I finish the toga this week. That would give me next week and whatever part of the next weekend that I don't spend drunk and in Seattle to get the boot covers finished, the hair sticks figured out, and the skimps fitting properly (they're finished but I'm not happy with the fit and may try again with stretch fabric) and still have a week of evenings to fuss with other accessories and finishing touches.

(3) I need to figure out a gift if I'm going to the wedding, or even if I'm not, really. I have some ideas, but I'm not quite sure which is the best idea, and several of them would also involves some quality time with the sewing machine, which realistically I'm not going to have between now and then.

I think I'm going to give up sleep.
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