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Kumoricon hotel?

According to the Kumoricon webpage, they're really hurting for people to book more hotel rooms, so the hotel doesn't get mad. It's $89 per night for up to 6 people in a room. I'm all about having a crash room if I can get at least 3 other people to say yes so it's only about $45 per person (plux tax) for the weekend. 6 people for the $30/person level would be even better. I'm willing to crash on the floor one night but not both, unless the the other people staying let me pay less money for the room in exchange for me taking the floor, in which case I'm fine with the floor both nights. However, this would need to be worked out TODAY because the room rate expires tomorrow. Anyone in? I'll probably call giapet and greatblondelf tonight if you two don't comment, so please comment even if it's "no" to avoid phone calls. Also, pre-reg ends the 14th, so if you're going, now's a good time to fill that out.
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