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Pathetic Old Sean Memory

I went to Target today to get a new headset for my cell phone (small consumer electronics tend to spontaneously malfunction and/or break around me, so I have to do this fairly often) and ended up also getting 5 new shirts (They were vaguely Christmassy, so they were $0.62 apiece. I plan to mainly wear them under sweaters.) and two new purses, a big one and a little one. The big one is for those times I want extra stuff (like a book) with me, but don't want to take a duffel bag, and the little one is for the rest of the time since the strap on my last purse broke. Thus, I spent some time transferring everything to my new purse tonight. It wouldn't snap closed when I finished. Tomorrow, I'm going to the fabric store to attempt to buy a matching snap so I can fix this issue. Bleh. Why aren't purses designed so they will close when full?

Those of you who read subject lines are probably wondering how this relates to Sean. Either that, or you're breathing a sigh of relief. If it's the former, read on and if the latter then you might as well skip on to something else. I recommend Kevin and Kell, if you like comic strips. I'm reasonably sure than there isn't any mention of Sean in it, since I think I would have noticed that.

How all this relates to Sean is that, when moving all the crap I carry around from one purse into the other (and removing the vast amount of change that accumulated at the bottom of the old one), I noticed that the sticker on the front of my PTCU checkbook had ripped. I got this sticker my freshman year. I think it's the first thing Sean ever gave me. It's left over from student elections. Sean and I went down to vote together. I remember that he wrote my name in for president (this rather annoyed me in a few weeks when all the write-ins appeared on the front page of the school newspaper, but at the time I thought it was sweet) and we each got little "I Voted Today" stickers as we left. I put mine on his forehead, I think he put his on mine. I know I ended up with it, at any rate. Not wanting to lose it, I later put it on my checkbook for safekeeping. Anyway, the part on the end with the little drawing of lips (no, I don't know why the elections people drew lips on it) ripped clean off. I found it in the bottom of my purse. I decided to retire the checkbook and keep the ripped-off part inside. I put my checks in my other checkbook, in the part where the register is supposed to go.

*sigh*. I have so many old memories of Sean. I can never remember which ones I've written about and which I haven't. I think I don't tell this one too often.

To those of you with me on your friends list because you want me to be able to read your entries, but who are sick of hearing about Sean, comment to this entry and I'll explain to you how to use friends groups to set up a filter on your friends list so you won't have to read my babbling anymore.

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