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Party. Or at least people over?

Ok, since this shall not be a pool party due to the weather not being quite warm enough to justify me going out and buying a kiddie pool, lets make it later in the day (also because it is now about 1400 and I am not dressed). How does 1900 sound to people? There would still be enough daylight to grill stuff and play bocce ball, horseshoes, or bocce horseshoes, if we are drunk enough to come up with rules for it. I do not own a croquet set, but if someone else does we could bring it and attempt to play in our postage-stamp sized yard (or go down to the park, I guess). We could also pick lavender and heather and put it in our hair, or in other people's hair when they're not looking. Or maybe I just don't want to eat alone. So, anyone still interested? If so, let me know if you need directions, and also please comment so I know if anyone is, indeed, coming. I also suggest vegetarians bringing their own food, as I am a big moron about grillable veggie options and will not know which ones taste the best.

I need to bake a cake for my grandmother and buy her a present since it is her birthday (technically today is her birthday, but we're celebrating tomorrow). I also need to do laundry. But I can have all of that done in time. Except possibly the laundry, but the dryer shouldn't really be that obnoxious.

In the meantime, I need to eat. I've forgotten to do so since lunch yesterday, as my whole body is confused from my sleeping a few hours on either side of the Harry Potter showing at "0001 Friday" and then having to work at "0800 Friday".
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