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I shouldn't be allowed to interact with the world

...on less than 8 hours of sleep. I bumbled around all day at work today, confused or distracted by things that really weren't that confusing or distracting. Also, my dad just yelled for me to answer the phone (as he was in another part of the house and busy) and rather than yelling back "I'll get it!" and then picking up the phone I yelled "Hello!" into the phone very loudly when I picked it up, figuring that this would be a good system.

I am debating getting a moped. Partly for the lower gas mileage, but mostly so I couldn't drive other people around anymore.

I got home from the meetup after midnight last night, which would have been about 2330 and $5 cheaper had I not needed to drop people off (I ended up imposing on a diner's restroom and buying an exceedingly expensive piece of cheesecake that I have yet to eat to justify it). It was a really fun meetup, though. However, I didn't get to sleep until pretty damn late.

I am feeling silly and stupid. I should sleep. Watch me internet instead.

I'm using this icon far too much lately.

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