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So, my party is going to start at around 1900 on Saturday, May 15th, and go until everyone leaves, which is welcome to be the next day if you want to sleep over. I will not be driving anyone home on the evening of the party once I start drinking (1900, probably :P), so if you don't have your own ride out, you'll have to either find one or wait until morning/early afternoon on Sunday, May 16th. If you would prefer not to have to deal with getting home but have a car, you are also welcome to stay over. I find that it's generally easier to just have sleepovers than mess with having designated drivers, but y'all are welcome to set up such a thing amoungst yourselves. We don't have much in the way of extra beds, but we have 2 couches, 3 recliners, and a lot of floorspace. I suppose I could drag the spare mattress downstairs, too, if people wanted.

We will be eating fondue, and some kind of main course that I haven't decided on yet. I'm thinking burgers, but then I need the vegetarians to suggest stuff that they want instead. I'd really like comments, so I don't disappoint y'all. I have no idea what's good vegetarian BBQ food.

As for drinks, I will probably pick up some dark beer, since that's what I drink. I have a very sad liquor cabinet, pretty much consisting of some fairly cheap brandy I use for Hot Toddies (I would buy better if I didn't always mix it with so much lemon juice anyway), rootbeer schnapps, and Aftershock. We always have milk and orange juice at our house, and I could always stir up some pink lemonade since we have a bunch in our freezer. Soda is very hit-or-miss. I probably have some kind of ginger beverage, and most likely some carbonated apple cider and some carbonated lemonade. I don't drink soda regularly, so we probably won't have much in the way of cola unless I pick up some specially. I might pick up one or two extra things for the party, of either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic nature, and welcome suggestions in the comments.

The present I really want is just to not have to drive anyone home on the night of the party. If you feel the need to get me something tangible, art and craft supplies are always appreciated, or use your own judgment. But really, I just want to not have to be the designated driver for a change. I also like silly, homemade cards, if you're into that sort of thing.

So anyway, poll time:

Poll #290895 Party time!

Are you planning to come to my party?

Yes, but I need a ride
Maybe, I'm not sure yet but will tell you as soon as I know
Maybe, I'm not sure yet, and I probably just either will or won't show up on your doorstep with no warning since I'm not one of those "plan ahead" people
No, alas, I am not

Food Issues:

I am a vegetarian, but cheese and so on are ok
I eat no animal products of any kind, and am either bringing my own food or suggesting suitable food in the comments, for I know Nea is a rabid meat-and-dairy fan and has no good idea how to cook for me
I have food allergies, and will tell Nea what they are in the comments so she can make sure there is something for me to eat
I have other food issues, which I will explain in the comments
I like food. Food is tasty.


I need directions to your house

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