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Birthday party!

I am Still Not Caught Up with LiveJournal. I am, however, caught up with ?show=p, so I've probably got the big stuff out of the way. Comprehension may have been a bit low, though, since I started off drinking Optimator and then had to read all the way back to the 19th or so. I'll do the syn feeds before work tomorrow, so I make sure to get to them before they fall off the edge of the world. I'll try to do communities in the evening while waiting for traffic to clear a bit before driving to Eugene. Dealing with those who have friended me recently and deciding whether I can lift the New Friends Ban will have to wait until next week.

However, that is not what this post is about. Sadly, it is also not talking about Sakuracon, which I do still have delusions of doing at some point.

It is, however, to let y'all know that my birthday is May 15th, and I will thus be having a birthday party on, logically enough, May 15th. I have a vague theory that fondue will be involved, but am open to suggestion. It will probably be at my house, but my dad fell off the roof over the weekend and fractured a vertebrae (see what you miss when I don't have time to talk about Sakuracon?), so this is somewhat dependant on him being well enough to sleep over at Ann's that night before catching their flight to Vegas on the 16th for a bowling thing (he doubts he will be able to bowl, but thinks he'll be well enough to fly and then hang out in Vegas). Failing that, it'll either be at qousqous's house or at Gustav's or someplace.

It would be cool if people kept that evening open for me and showed up and stuff. I don't mind Random Internet People, as long as they show vague signs of common sense and have a basic understanding of not acting in such a way as to damage expensive stuff. My house is non-smoking and non-anything-that-would-get-me-arrested, but allows alcohol for the over-21 set. My parties have a tendency to turn into a bunch of geeks sitting in the living room. I can beat you at Goldeneye even when drunk, unless you are even vaguely good at that game, in which case I hate you immensely and am unable to ever actually shoot you even once to demonstrate that fact. I'll probably throw food of some kind on the grill for the party, although I usually end up doing tacos just because it's easy to please the vegetarians that way. Tacos don't seem like a good thing to go with fondue, though.

Anyway, everyone should show up, but warn me so I can buy roughly the right about of food. I only have 10 fondue forks, so I need to head to Goodwill if we're going to go over that. Also, I am not driving anyone home on my birthday, as not being the Amazing Shuttle Bus is one of my birthday presents to myself. Y'all can sleep over, carpool or walk home (not at the same time).

Those of you from out of town but vaguely weekend-y should totally come, by which I pretty much mean clipdude, joyquality (or are you in Portland again these days?), greatblondelf (although I know you're way too busy to scamper off so soon after the con) and anyone else who I think might show up if I make big, sad eyes at them. Those of you further away should start hitch-hiking now. NOW, dammit! I don't see you out by the side of the road, so you're slacking! Just get a piece of cardboard, write ADVENTURE on it, and head, most likely, west. Unless you're already in a state or province bordering the Pacific, in which case head north or south as best suits your needs (or, if you're on the other side of the pacific, stow away in a ship and have wacky adventures involving pirates, but you probably won't get here in time so just wish the pirates a happy birthday instead, since pirates like birthdays too).

Clearly, the stress of my job is getting to me.
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