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Today hasn't been one of my better days


Today I had to meet with the Uptight Professor From Hell about a paper I didn't turn in. I called her the morning it was due explaining that I was panicking whenever I saw the word processor and therefore wouldn't have it in on time or be in class that day, and asking her to please extend the deadline for me until after I met with the counseling center. She never called me back. Finally, I kept leaving her messages and she sent me an email saying basically "I don't care what your reasons are, no go". She's treating it like I skipped town to go to Vegas or something. All I fucking wanted was for her to extend the deadline so I could see a counselor so I could stop panicking long enough to write it.

At this point, she's said my options are to drop the class or just take a 0 on that 20% of my grade. Great. So now the best I can do in her class is a B-, and then only if I somehow pull exceptional essays out of my ass for the final, which is 3 hours long and 10 essay questions. My hand hurts if I handwrite for less than an hour and degerates in total illegibility in probably under 2 hours. I've already lost points on a test this semester in another class because of my unreadable handwriting. I don't have very good motor control and there really isn't anything I can do about it.

So I go talk to the learning disabilies people, and they say they can't do anything about the paper. I'm suppposed to have an accomidation for "mental heath related to anxeity and anger", among assorted learning disabilities, but appearantly that doesn't give me extra to make up a paper if I can't write a paper because I panic. So I get hysterical (I'm trying to make honors, and I really, really can't take a B- at this point) and start tearing up my arm with my fingernails. Yippee. The learning disabilities people don't take very well to that, but I get calmed down again. We're going to see if I can't dictate the fianl to someone so my hand doesn't become a problem. Then they make me go to the health center to get my arm bandaged up.

The nurse there was ok, I guess. I think she went a bit overboard bandaging up my arm, though. She put a complex, multi-layer thing on it and affixed it with this white fishnet thing that goes all the way around my arm. I want a dispenser for that fishnet thing, except in black. That would rock. Anyway. Now *she* wants to try to do something to help me with my professor (which I didn't ask her to do, that professor's already pretty much a lost cause). I already had the counseling center and the disability people try, so I doubt it'll do much good, but I suppose it couldn't really hurt at this point to have the health center ask too.

Also, I broke a nail. Bah.

Now I'm sleepy and feeling antisocial. And I have to go to the dorm barbeque. That should help. Yeah, that's it.


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