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I had a very aggravating experience tonight. giapet, kunzite1, and I went out to Widmer tonight. I suggested Widmer partly because it was conveniently located, but mostly because they have cheap drinks on Mondays. I am very, frothingly, astoundingly broke this month, because I completely forgot that my over $200 hosting bill for the year comes due this month, and thus cheerfully spent $45 on a registration for Sakuracon, plus another $30 or so on more costume parts and need to keep about $40 in the budget for gas, $50 more for souvenirs and fun, and some food money as well. I have the money, but it's coming out of my $1,000 cushion. So anyway, I'm trying very hard to get the rest of my fun on the cheap this month.

I remember that last time I was at Widmer I liked the imperial stout, and I couldn't quite remember what it was called, so I just skimmed the little stand-up menu on the table for an imperial, on the theory that they wouldn't have more than one. Anyway, it's really noisy, so I order by pointing at that on the menu, and then pointing at the size I want on the happy hour menu (happy hour lasts until 2200 on Monday nights). They say I can't order it in that size (I wanted the 23oz) but that I can have the pint. Fine, so I'll have 2 pints instead, have slightly more beer, and spend $4 instead of $3. My budget can (just barely) take that. Then, after I've drank the first beer, ordered and ate a meal, and generally spent all of my budget save for my tip money and maybe $2 for one more beer, the waitress sees fit to inform me that the specific beer I ordered is NOT INCLUDED in happy hour pricing, despite neither the page that the beer was on nor the happy hour page mentioning anything of the damn kind. Now, it seems to me that the time to mention this would have been WHEN I ORDERED THE DAMN THING, seeing as I did so BY POINTING AT THE HAPPY HOUR MENU for the size. The damn beer ended up being $4.25 a pint, which is fucking absurd. I mean, it was a nice beer and all, but that's more than the cost of 2 pints of the beer I had in mind, and if she'd taken the damn time to tell me this to begin with I would have gotten that instead.

So I left a $0.75 tip and a rant on the receipt (my bill came out to $9.25), which is the least I've ever tipped since I first learned how to do percentages (my friends and I when I was very small (about 8) left very erratic tips when dining without adults (I lived within walking distance of some very patient restaurants) due to the fact that none of us had the faintest idea how much to leave, and just knew it was supposed to be "some extra money", so we'd each leave any random amount from $0.10 to $1.00 each depending on random forces at work in our brains). I have very little plan to be back to that restaurant any time soon, either. I mean, yeah, I guess I should have double-checked that that specific beer was included, but there was no disclaimer on the happy hour menu that said that any of them weren't, and I thought I was ordering the same beer as last time, so I didn't see a reason to.

I'm sick of being careful with money.

I really wanted that second beer, too. >.<. I agonized for a good 10 minutes on whether or not I could afford the extra $2, and finally decided to treat myself, which makes it much worse.

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