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Home for break

I know I haven't posted for a long time, and I should post a nice long entry telling y'all about the Programming Competition (which sucked), the Putnum Competition (which went surprisingly well), finals and all that yummy stuff. I'm not sure I really have the energy to go over a month and a half of stuff, though. I'm also not sure anyone really gives a fat damn.

I'm so tired of being busy. I doubt I did well on any of my finals. I didn't have time to study for either of them, because LC only gives us 2 days off before they begin. Io guilted me into doing volunteer work with Circle K for one of those days, too. (I'm not even a member! Grr...) I had to run a Hall Council event the other day, so that really didn't leave much study time. >.< I got my Christmas cards for LC faculty delivered the last day of finals, but didn't get cards out to anyone else. I think I'm going to sketch something tomorrow, scan it, call it an "e-card" and send it out everyone else, since there's no way real mail will reach anyone before Christmas and I don't want to resort to just sending cards through some ad-infested, impersonal online site. I have a bunch of real cards though, so if anyone wants one and doesn't mind getting it after Christmas, comment to this entry or email me with your address and I'll send you one. Doesn't matter if I know you in real life or not, unless postage is obnoxously expensive (over $1 or so) to your country from the US I'll send you one. If you want an e-card, commenting to this with your email or sending me an email so I have your address couldn't hurt either, considering how disorganized I am at the moment. I may or may not post the URL to the card here.

Oh yeah, I'm home from break now. I'm at dad's, for those of you trying to call me. I still have gobs of Christmas shopping left to do, and no idea what to get some people. clipdude's parents got me something, and now I have to figure out what to get them. >.< I also need to figure out if I'm exchanging Christmas presents with Sean this year. I have something small for him, but if we're not exchanging gifts I'll just give it to him for his birthday, which is also in December. He may or may not be in Portland for part of break. He says he wants to come down, but he has no car so can't figure out how to come down. He doesn't seem to have gotten around to getting a bus ticket like I've been suggesting to him. I'm tempted to drive up and fetch him, but that would be an all-day project, since he's in Seattle. I also don't want to pressure him into coming down if he really doesn't want to. Bleh. Want see Sean again yes. I haven't seen him since last December.

I can't believe I have only a semester to do until I graduate. I really need to get off my ass and apply to grad school. *sigh*. Anyone know any good CS programs stupid enough to admit someone with only a 3.4 GPA? Who may or may not have a math and CS major, but has a communication major for sure? Also, who hasn't gotten around to taking the GRE? Bleh.

I also haven't started my Christmas baking. I suck.

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