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Very tired and busy

I finally got caught up on the last week of LiveJournal. I check some of my filters more often, but I hadn't gotten to a lot of it since last weekend. My job is eating my week, and I have something going on every single weekend. I worked four 9s (well,three 9s and a 9.5) this week so I could leave early friday and head to the beach, but then ended up working 6.5 on Friday anyway, without even taking a lunch. It'll make for a nice paycheck, but I had no time all week. I did go hear Heather Alexander on Wednesday, at least.

This week, I have choir tomorrow night and have to go do chores at my grandmother's Tuesday (I'm planning to go in at 0700 on Tuesday so I can sneak out at 1530 having put in 8 hours in time to help grammy, but we'll see if I can get away that early), so I don't even have a night to do chores at home or buy groceries until Wednesday. Fortunately, I can take leftover tacos tomorrow, and dad's going to buy me lunch stuff while I'm at choir because he can tell I have no damn time. I need to get all of my household stuff done for the week on Wednesday and Thursday, because it looks like zind4gi's party will be Friday, and if it's not it'll be Saturday and I'll probably be doing stuff with my other friends Friday anyway. It's also Pagan Faire this weekend, so I'd really better not count on getting anything done during the day on the weekend either.

The thing is, all of my weeks start to look kind of like this as they get closer. All of the gaps keep getting filled in. safetygoth told me about a D&D game that meets on Saturdays, but the next weekend I don't either have something scheduled for Saturday or have something scheduled for Sunday that means I should really take it easy and/or prep and/or clean up the house Saturday is the Sunday after Easter, unless that's SakuraCon, in which case it's the next one. I have no idea when I'm going to work on my costume for that, either.

In the meantime, I'm cutting into my sleep to write this, and I know I'm not getting 8 hours tomorrow night either, since there isn't actually enough time between choir ending and my alarm going off to do that. Yay stimulants and/or complete incoherency.

So yeah, if something important happened and you were expecting a comment or other reaction from me and didn't get one, please comment here about it, as my eyes kind of glazed over at some point and I may have missed it.

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