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Very busy lately

I've been really busy lately. My "part-time" job has turned into my "overtime" job, and I just haven't had much time to keep up with everything. I should be sleeping right now, but I figured I should have at least one post this week that wasn't entirely about silliness and my cleavage.

I worked 49 hours this week. I barely had time to eat and sleep during the week. Then I went drinking every day this weekend, kind of. Friday night, I went out with qousqous, kunzite1, and giapet to the St. John's pub and ate way too damn much. They had an LOTR-inspired beer that was pretty good, and that surprised me because I just don't expect much out of that kind of fandom-silliness. After that we went out for ice cream, and then to Vancouver, WA, for no discernible reason. Whee. In the middle of this, safetygoth called to invite me to D&D on Saturday, and he left a message on my phone about it.

Unfortunately, on Saturday I didn't feel up to listening to the phone message until about 1500, and the game started at 1200, so I rather missed it. Crap. Hopefully, I can join later. This was my light-drinking day, as I only had a beer with dinner at home. It was kind of my mellow day in general. I really needed one. I even got most of my laundry done, which is good as my Underwear Situation was becoming increasingly creative, and in a few more days I would have needed to try unpacking my remaining college boxes, since I know I own way more underwear than this. I distinctly recall making a big point of owning at least 2 weeks worth of underwear at that time, and I know I've bought at least 11 pairs since then, and I doubt I've tossed more than 5, so I should have more then a week's worth, dammit. I need to unpack my remaining college stuff in general. I should just unpack a box a week. It will be like Christmas, except the stuff won't be wrapped very well and has a much higher likelihood of being math textbooks.

Today, I had a concert to perform. That went pretty well, and my family actually managed to make it this time, which was cool. It was especially nice because we were singing stuff from musicals, and that's very approachable music for my grandmother. She doesn't like it when we sing only classical stuff, since it tends to be in Latin and she can't follow the words. Plus these were songs she'd actually heard before. It's not my favorite kind of music, but it's nice to sing something my family likes for a change. Mom and Dad both don't like Christian music since we're not Christians, and Grammy, who is a Christian, doesn't like stuff that's not in English because then she doesn't know what it's about.

Dad got paged and had to leave as soon as I was done singing, but (M|T)om, Grammy, and I all went to Widmer for dinner. We got there about a half hour before their Sunday Specials ended, so I got to get a 23oz beer for $3. It was pretty good. I got a Russian Imperial Stout. We also had fondue. I'm pretty sure I like Gustav's better. The fondue forks at Widmer were short and not very good at actually keeping hold of the bread, and the beer isn't quite as good. It was still a pretty nice dinner, though. One really odd thing happened though. The server asked me if I was over 21 when we were ordering beer, and when I said yes, he decided to just take my word for it rather than wanting my ID. It's pretty normal for me to not get ID'd, as I tend to look older for some reason (or maybe it's just that servers are lazy), but I've certainly never had them ask and not want to see ID to back it up before. I have no idea how that worked in his head, but I also didn't see any point in pursuing it with him.

Malcom in the Middle wasn't on tonight. Boo. Fox has a nasty tendency to show movies rather than reruns, which in turn means I tend to forget about the existence of shows between sets of new episodes, since I'm much more likely to watch an episode I've seen before than the second half of a movie. I'm about ready to give up on television again. Enterprise has stunk all season, Malcom hasn't been that great, and Fox keeps showing movies half of the time anyway. Plus, the crap they put on the screen during shows keeps getting worse.

I think I'm reaching a point with my "exercise routine" where I should put some actual thought or research into it. Right now, I play DDR for about a 1/2 hour to an hour, lift 10lb dumbbells in 5 different ways for 15 repetitions each (and do a second set if I feel up to it and have the time), and do some highly arbitrary stretching exercises that are pretty much cobbled together with what I remember from gymnastics when I was a kid for whatever amount of time I feel like since I can't remember how long is appropriate. I can tell that I'm getting stronger in my arms and better at DDR, and I might be getting slightly more flexible, but it seems like I should be expanding this a bit. I mostly just want to be in better overall shape, so I can just follow my whims and go hiking or play a pickup game or soccer or basketball without feeling like I'm going to die. Eventually, I'd like to be able to bicycle a reasonable distance (ideally without my ass hurting) and run for more than a few blocks. It would also be nice if I lost some weight, mostly because it would be a lot easier to buy clothes. I have not been able to find a bikini top designed for a 40DD chest, and if I can get down to around a 36D it would be a lot easier. Plus, then some of my shirts would fit again. I figure I should add some kind of torso-thing to my workout, and probably some more leg stuff. I'm sure DDR doesn't cover everything, but I'm not sure what else would complement it well. I also really wish I remembered more coherent stuff about stretching. I'm sure I'm not getting the most out of that part.

I need to get some sleep. I'm so not ready for Monday. March is going to be a really busy month, too. I'm going to the beach with my family one weekend, and I'll probably go to PaganFaire even though that brand of feminism tends to drive me nuts, since they do tend to have good music. Last year all they had was hippie food, though, so I'll be sure to eat before I go. I'll probably skip out before the ritual again this year, too. I'm so the equivalent of a Christmas and Easter pagan that it's just not funny. I'm just not a "group religion" person.

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