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Sleep? Who, me? But why?

I got to talk to qousqous over IRC for a bit today. Yay! I haven't gotten to talk to him much lately. One of our schools seems to have a firewall that hates ICQ. I believe it to be his, but can't prove it. I explained to him that livejournal would be less scary to navigate if he set up a friends page, so now he may actually read this sometimes.

Other than that, I had a normal Monday, which is to say no free time at all. I hate having so many classes. Ah well. At least I got all my math homework done over the weekend, and no one in the class had the algorithms homework done so it isn't really due until Wednesday. It seems that I was further along than most of them, having half of the Really Icky Proof done. This was definitely a Fuck It, It's Been An Hour, I'm Going To Bed proof. But I think the rest of it should go a little better now that I have a somewhat clear idea what the thingie I'm trying to prove something about looks like. I'm so sick of types of binary trees!

I leave for the programming competition on Friday. Ack. I feel very not ready. I hate team things, I'm always so worried about letting my team down.

I want a night off, and don't get one this week. Normally I have nothing on Wednesday, but now we're starting preparation for the Putnam exam in the afternoons and it's diantha's birthday so a bunch of us are all going to dinner. This should be fun, though, so I want to go. Tonight I didn't get done with classes until 18:00, tomorrow I have marmaladeboy's anime FreeU class and then a Hall Council meeting and Thursdays I have choir. Then Friday I leave for Washington. This contest is really stressing me out.

Oh, I decided to start using the lj user tags mostly because I know too many Chrises and this is a good way to tell them apart. clipdude is the one I'm dating, qousqous is the one I've known since 8th grade. Also, clipdude is the one who actually updates occasionally. :p

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