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Still snow and ice over here

This weather is a lot more fun when you are a little kid and get, like, a week off of school that you don't really want to go to anyway than when you are an adult and get, like, a week off of work with no pay because you are hourly and, furthermore, a temp.

Dad and I did manage to make it in today, though. He drove my car and dropped me off, because of the three choices it made the most sense. To choose from, we had:

  1. '00 (I think) Toyota Celica with front wheel drive but very little ground clearance and front involuntary snowplow spoiler.
  2. '84 Toyota Camry with front wheel drive.
  3. '84 Toyota Minivan with real wheel drive, best ground clearance of the lot, and chains. However, it has spun out on dry pavement before.

So we took the Camry. It would have been nice to have more clearance, since we did scrape the undercarriage on the snow quite a bit, but it was loose, slushy snow so it probably didn't hurt anything. I doubt the van would have gotten out of the driveway. He's salaried and they were happy enough to see him in that they didn't really care which hours he was there, so it made a lot more sense to work around my schedule (0800 to 1300, although until 1700 today) than his (0730 to 1630).

I even got 3 extra hours today, since I wasn't there on Tuesday or Wednesday so they could let me work a full-time day today. Of course, since I didn't know that when I came in, I had to spend about $6 on lunch out, but that's still a little extra money.

This stuff better fucking be melting tonight. No one plows any of the roads (including REALLY FUCKING MAIN ROADS, like Cornelius Pass, Baseline, and 185th) out here, and none of the businesses do anything to their parking lots, either. I have seen maybe 1 or 2 residential shoveled sidewalks, and generally the sidewalk right smack in front of the door to a business will be shoveled, but that's it. The only reason it is at all clear near our (communal) mailbox is because I shoveled a little place to stand after I finished the driveway yesterday (it is across the street from us) because I was tired of guessing where the curb was and of slipping while getting the mail. I wouldn't mind snow if we were set up to cope with it, but we clearly are not. I understand neighborhood streets not being plowed, but nothing whatsoever is. The local philosophy seems to be that snow only lasts a day or two, so we can just leave it where it is until it melts. This works pretty well most years, but this snow fell on Monday and Tuesday, and I'm getting a little sick of alternately slipping and slogging through it.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime. Even though schools are closed again tomorrow, I'd better go to work. I only make $10/hour, but that's more than I make sitting on my ass at home, I guess.
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