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There's a whole world outside of this little room....

I've been spending less and less time on the internet lately. Partly, that's because we've been snowed/iced in for the past few days, and with dad home I don't get as much time on the computer, but partly I think the internet is just losing its appeal for me. I feel rushed to read things, because they may not be there tomorrow. With LiveJournal specifically, I feel dumb commenting on things more than a day or so old, so I feel this pressure to keep up. I'm getting sick of it.

Anyway, with my newfound spare time, I've been playing DDR and fooling around with some handweights I bought on sale at G.I. Joe's for $0.49/lb (which is a silly way to price things like weights). Anyway, that works out to be about the weight of each of the weights for a pair, pricewise (I refuse to diagram that sentence, although the rest of you are welcome to do so in the comments). I picked up a 5lb set, and I may go back for a 10lb set to grow into before the sale ends (I have about $20 left on a gift card left over from last year). I would very much like to be able to do chin-ups again before the end of the year, and this seems like the way to start building up those muscles. I'm sick of having no upper-body strength.

I've also been reading a lot. Right now, I'm re-reading the Last Herald-Mage books. I picked up the book club combined edition right when I started grad school, and got it signed over the summer, but never actually had time to read it in that format until now. It has weird little errors in it. A few typos and at least one case of transposed words that aren't wrong in the normal paperbacks, mostly. Anyway, I'm in the middle of Magic's Price right now, and being the big dork that I am I tend to stop reading partway though since I know what's coming. I've probably started that book at least 5 more times than I've finished it (which is still a fairly large number). I've also been re-reading some Tanith Lee books that I pretty much put aside for college when I found new authors to read. I think I'll re-read Day By Night next, I was just thinking about it today. Hopefully that'll go better than when I tried to re-read the Flat Earth books a few months back and stopped in the middle of Death's Master because I didn't feel up to reading the next bit. I should have just skipped ahead; it's not like I didn't know what happened already. I get silly about books. I used to do a similar thing with one of my favorite 90210 episodes when I was younger, too. I'd always fast-forward through the parts I didn't really want to watch. I should really see if 90210 ever came out as DVD sets. I'd probably pick up the first 4 seasons or so. I really want The Heights, but I'm sure I'm the only person who even remembers that show. I used to be such a dork for those Fox evening dramas. I wish I'd taped them on VHS instead of Beta. I should really get that VCR fixed one of these years.

I'm ready for all this snow and ice to melt so I can get out of the damn house again. I want adventure. Or at least to be able to go to work, so I can save up money for future adventures.

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