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New Years

There are pictures from the New Years party I went to here and here. I am in very few of them, and rather pleased by that. I don't think a flattering picture of me has been taken since puberty.

The party itself was kinda fun, although I didn't know a lot of the people there. Mostly, it was qousqous's e2 friends. I spent most of the party playing DDR, since that way I'd be busy and not have to try to break into a close-knit social group of drunk people. I play DDR better drunk. Oh yeah, I got really drunk, because I am dumb. See there was this eggnog, and I brought some cheap creme de menthe (note to self: stop buying cheap liquor; it's nasty). So anyway, someone got the stunning idea to add a shot of creme de menthe to their glass of eggnog, and it seemed like a good enough idea, so I tried it too. Except I think I added too much. So I kpet drinking part of a glass of way-too-minty eggnog and then adding more eggnog to dilute it. I probably ended up drinking about 5 glasses of the stuff. Dumb. Oh well. I was unable to make a drink involving that creme de menthe that was not nasty. However, someone else brought some nice hard cider, and qousqous made some yummy mixed drinks too. I think next time, I will buy a 24 pack of beer I like at Costco and bring that instead of liquor. It's about the same price as a bottle of somewhat decent liquor, and I think I'd enjoy drinking that more. So anyway, yay party. I didn't throw up or have a hangover, which put me into a rather small subset of partygoers. I did, however, have to sleep on the floor, which sucked. I forgot to bring my sleeping pad, and qousqous has hardwood floors.

It snowed a lot on New Year's day. Well, a lot for Portland (which mostly means it stuck to the ground). I still always think snow should be up to at least my waist, and that never happens here. (When I very young, I lived in Alaska. When you are 2 and live in Anchorage, snow is something that spends a lot of time being taller than you.) Anyway, that made for a lot of trouble in getting diantha to the train station, but was otherwise fun.

Oh, there are also pictures from The Canada Adventure. After I get out of debt and have some extra money, I might have to get me one of those digital camera thingies.

I plan to make this The Year I'm Completely Out of Debt. At my current rate of payment, I'd be done paying off one of my student loans in about 2 years. But, I have a job now, so I can make bigger payments. I'm planning to up my $100/month payment (which is already upped from $50) to $300 or $400 until the damn thing is paid off. The other loan I have the money to pay off in a lump sum sitting in a saving account, but the grace period doesn't end until May, so I'm collecting a little more interest money by letting my payoff money sit in savings for now.

Once I'm out of debt, I want to get a cushion of about $5,000-$10,000 in savings, and then I might save up for a trip. I really want to go across the US and Canada by train. It's only $500/month off peak, or $700/month peak for unlimited train tickets in both countries. That could be a really cool way to spend a month or two. I might even do this before getting my savings cushion quite that high, depending. I'm certainly not going to do so before paying off my debt, though. I want no monthly payments of any kind hanging over my head while I travel. I've never been further east than Idaho, and I'd like to see some of the rest of the continent. I'd really like to go to Ontario and Quebec, and I suppose I should visit places like New York and Washington D.C., too. I also have people in Iowa I should visit, and diantha in Illinois. I'll have to sit down with big rail maps for Amtrak and VIA when I get closer to having the money, and see what kind of route I can plan. I might even try to get myself to either Florida or California so I can see a horrible Disney theme park, but I kind of doubt that's worth it. Does anyone know how hard it is for a 22/23 year old American to rent a car in Ontario? I want to see Orillia, a place that Yahoo maps has not heard of, because it's where Gordon Lightfoot was born. It's up near Georgian Bay, and I have no idea how close the train runs to there. I cannot seem to find a route map on VIA's website, and I don't have any idea what any nearby towns might be called.

So anyway, that's kind of what I want to do this year. I figure getting an apartment and moving out can wait until I'm out of debt and have had at least one really cool trip.
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