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I have returned

I am back from Canada and Not Dead. I am not caught up on my friends page (except for a very few people) and have to be up Stupid Early for work in the morning. I have a green star sticker on my cheek. I have basically finished my Christmas shopping. I have not gotten 8 hours of sleep a might since at least Wednesday, and probably won't until next weekend, if then. I am invincible.


I think I even have a clean shirt to wear to work tomorrow. That would be really handy.

We had fun in Seattle and Canada. Sean and I stayed up absurdly late talking, which we hadn't done in quite a while. I'm going to have to make a point of calling him every month or so. Long distance really isn't that expensive. After we got to Canada (without Sean, we'll have to take him along next time), Chris and I collected Chris from people, went out for gelato and poutine, drove Ashley to work, went to a house that Josh once lived in but lived in no longer, wandered around buying stuff and drinking, picked up Ashely again, and then we went to the future and I threw up (I'd been sick all day, even before drinking, and I was sober again by that time anyway, so I'm guessing it's related a lot more to the General Stomach Issues I'm on about day 3 or 4 of than the stout).

Then today we got hopelessly lost in suburbia looking for Costco, went back to Seattle, decorated Sean and his apartment with stickers (Sean, if you want help cleaning them off before you move, just let me know (the ones on your apartment, I assume you can remove them from your person without help, and if not wouldn't want to wait until you were ready to move to do so)), and went to Olympic Club in Centralia for dinner. I wanted to go to the California Pizza Kitchen in Seattle, since I hadn't been to one since the one in Portland closed, but no one was hungry and they were suspicious of yuppie pizza anyway. I think I'll drive up there again some time and go with my cousin Karen. She drives an SUV, so she'll probably eat yuppie pizza.

This entry makes no sense. I'm ok with that.

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