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Updated schedule of events

We did not get the Christmas tree today, for it was raining and dad, being over the age of 5, did not want to go play in the rain and get really muddy. So now I have even more to do tomorrow. I did, however, get some of my Christmas shopping done. I'll post more about that in a friends group that clipdude is not in :p.

So now, the schedule is:
Sunday: Wake up early. Get Christmas tree (in the rain, since this is Oregon, and thus, it will rain again tomorrow). Yasu's birthday party.
Monday: Sewing with joyquality.
Tuesday: Possibly see clipdude. Shop.
Wednesday: Shop. Shower. Do laundry. Pack for Canada.
Thursday: Canada, with a stop in Seattle if greatblondelf and/or my cousin Karen has time for us.
Friday: Canada.
Saturday: See Friday.
Sunday: See Thursday, but reversed and otherwise slightly different.
Monday: Bake cookies.
Tuesday: Help Grammy. Make rolls?
Wednesday: Be nice to family.
Thursday: Be nice to more family.
Friday: Refuse contact with outside world until New Year's.

daraknor may be coming to town at some point during this, too. I may have to give up the "no contact with outside world between Christmas and New Year's" bit, I guess.

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