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It's been a while....

Pointless poll time!

Poll #218669 Hygiene Hijinks!

Which do you do more often:

Floss your teeth

I am feeling very silly right now.

Also, I am going to Canada late next week. If anyone would like to meet me there (I'm going to Vancouver BC, as I am poor and can both drive there and crash on someone's floor once I get there, although I plan to do a more comprehensive trip if I ever find a source of money that still allows me to travel) or at any point roughly between Portland and Vancouver BC (such as Seattle), please let me know. Some of you may also get pesky emails about this, but I thought I'd issue a general plea as well. I like meeting Creepy Internet People™. It is my hobby.

I have not yet started my Christmas shopping. I find that being both broke and non-Christian rather puts a damper on it, but I still have to pick up a few things.

Speaking of Christmas, there is still time to fill out my Christmas cards poll if you'd like a card. I'll probably send those out fairly soon, possibly even next week. Almost certainly before the end of the month. Well, no later than Valentine's Day. Unless I forget.
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