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Email blah

My email is being a big meanie-head and not letting me log in right now. Thus, I haven't read email in a day or so. If it's urgent, comment here, or call me, or wail at the unrelenting cruelty of the universe, your choice.

I keep thinking that I'll make big, meaningful posts, and then I keep not doing it.

I am now done with choir for about a month. I'm thinking about being done for good. To get any better at this point, I really need private voice lessons or something. I don't want to sing in a choir of the level that the one I'm in now is for much longer. I really want to either get better or find a new hobby. (It's little things, like how one of the girls wore BRIGHT SILVER SNEAKERS instead of black dress shoes to our performance today, and other presentational things, but I also want to be in a group that does more challenging music, and I want to feel like I'm improving each term rather than standing still.) I know I'm not that great, that's why I'm not auditioning with better groups. I need to work on my breath control and volume, as well as my ability to hold my part if no one else is singing it. I also need to not panic at auditions so I'm not so short of breath and tight in the throat that I can barely talk. I'm generally fine in performances, but I have a lot of trouble with auditions.

I'm hungry. One person I know appears to be online, and he's probably also hungry, but I really should sleep rather than advocate food-related adventures. Plus, I shouldn't be spending more money on restaurant food. I already spent $8 on a nice sushi lunch that I didn't need on Saturday. I need to start liking toast or something so I'll eat at home more.

Right. Sleep.
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