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I am back

I am back from Eugene, and tired. I have a concert at the Grotto tomorrow. If I haven't talked to you about it lately and you want to go, give me a way to get the discount coupon to you today if you want one. I am the best planner ever. (zind4gi, if you still want to go I guess I could drop the discount coupon by your house or something. It's only $1 off, making it $5 instead of $6, so it's not something earth-shatteringly important.) Afterward, Gustav's, because there's no starch quite like beer and fondue.

Kumoricon was very small. It made me wish I'd made a costume or something, just because this would have been an easy con to get into the cosplay contest. I'm not going to make a costume until there's one that's both a character I like and flattering on me, though, so it isn't likely to ever happen.

It was nice to get to talk to rathanylakan on the way back. Nothing like a long car trip to get to learn more about people. We have a lot of genre overlap in books without having too much specific-author overlap (which, at least on my end, was due to lack of familiarity or just having not gotten around to that author yet rather than intention). This may be the long-awaited Person Who Can Suggest New Authors. I haven't really had one of those since Becky. When I try to start new authors without guidance I have a nasty tendency to pick the second book in a series, and I hate that.

December looks to be, as always, a busy month in which I spend too much money. I guess that's what my money cushion is for, but I still wish that things could be spread out more evenly. I also wish I could have a sleep cushion as well as a money one.

Is anyone doing anything I should know about for New Year's? I just realized that it's a month away and I haven't heard a peep out of either of my previous-party-holding-people yet.

It is past my bedtime. It has been past my bedtime since Friday or so. Goodnight.

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