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Dad and car stuff

My father is very good about paying attention to the things that are important to him, but he has this tendency to ignore things that aren't priorities. Anyway, I took the van in to get an oil change today, since I'm taking it to KumoriCon in Eugene on Saturday. Guess how long since he last changed the oil?



Interestingly enough, I got my license in October 1999. More relevantly, he got his Celica in the Spring of 2000, which is probably why he completely stopped maintaining the van at that point.

Anyway, after that I realized that I couldn't take for granted that he had done any maintenance on the car of any kind, so I had the tire pressure checked (we have fairly new tires on the van because one of them went flat a few years back) and went to the auto parts store to replace a tail light, a side light, and all 3 windshield wiper assemblies. I probably put about $35 into the van today, which isn't very much money, but it's not my car either. Hopefully, I've checked everything now and the car will now be fine for the trip to Eugene.

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