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Phone Post: Heather Alexander, Yo-Yos, and Loud Obnoxious Husbands

500K 2:08
“Hi.... I'm just heading home from a Heather Alexander concert! Which was lovely except for the jackasses behind me, who brought a large group of small children who were remarkably well-behaved, and an almost-as-large group of husbands, who were not.

Now... if you come to a concert, I can kind of understand it not being your thing. On the other hand, what I can't understand, is... y'know, talking LOUDLY about how it's not your thing, or say, y'know... just in general talking loudly about talking about, well, ANYTHING in a small and acoustically live room.

And the children, while they weren't bad... y'know, I hate to say, I'll never do that when I'm a parent. Because, I've never been a parent. And I *don't* really know how hard it is. But I can say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that when I'm a parent, I will never give yo-yos to children at a concert. And if I do... they would at very least not be electronic yo-yos that make noise. (Though they only did that once.) ...But still, I feel fairly confident in my statement that, when I am a parent, I will never give my children yo-yos in the middle of a concert, and encourage them to play with them in the aisles.

...That's really all I have to say about that large group, which seemed to come every time so they must be fans of some kind and I hope they're tipping her really, really, really well, because - holy crap, are they annoying.

So, anyway... Heather is as always amazing; she had a whole bunch of new material: she just got back from England, and... unlike most people who go on vacation, instead of showing a bunch of slides, she had a whole bunch of new songs. And a new tattoo which was also... cool, but... yeah. She had a bunch of new songs; that was cool... the music was awesome, um... we took Grammy along, which was great... and, the table behind me, I wanted to BORROW one of the childrens' yo-yos and smack the guy in the head with it, who was right behind me, and sitting the wrong way reading the paper and being a loud obnoxious fuck.

Well, that's about all I have to say about my evening; I'm heading home now... and this is me, using PhonePost, even though I have yet to install software so I can actually listen to them. That's about it.”

Transcribed by: dmlaenker

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