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"pretending it is spring"

"So let us treat our love like any game
To fan the flames would really be a sin
For as surely as the snow must fall
I shall be waiting for your call
Pretending it is spring
And you'll be mine again"

-Gordon Lightfoot, "Magnificent Outpouring"

I talked to Sean on ICQ today for about an hour today. I realized that I haven't been up to see him this entire school year. He was talking about cleaning up his office, and I don't have any idea where that is or what it looks like. I can see last year's so clearly...

I still picture him in his old apartment, mentally. I always picture him lying on the floor and typing, all by himself, even though I know he has a girlfriend and they've gotten a real apartment that probably contains actual furniture. I still haven't met her. I'm not sure I want to.

He hasn't seen my room, either. He didn't remember that I had a single this year. We saw each other over winter break, but then we went back and forth between our parents' houses and our friends' houses.

I miss him. It's pathetic. It's been nearly a year. I've been dreaming about him almost every night recently.

In other news, I presented my documentary today. It went over fairly well, I think. People laughed, but I think they laughed because it was funny, not because it was awful. I hope.

I have another concert tonight, my third this week. Ick with sugar on top. Then I get to make sure everyone turned in their music and send hate mail out to those that didn't. Yippee.

Tomorrow is our last day of classes. I have to give a 10-15 minute presentation on the ethical and legal implications of using virtual children in pornographic films. Yay me. I'm planning to attack it from a "non-realistic art is ok, where should the line be drawn on that side? Can we draw a line?" perspective, just for the heck of it. I'm tempted to search for some really objectionable hentai and make an overhead with it to get people's attention, but I think that'd probably upset people.

I don't want to do work. I want to go buy fabric and sew something. Bah on a stick.

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