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I made a dumbass out of myself commenting on someone else's journal. Yay me.

In other news, I can't tell if I'm sick or not.

I still have 2 more classes and a hall meeting tonight. Yippee.

But the math homework, it is done. And it didn't take me forever this time. So there is good news.

I don't want to be busy for a while. I just want to goof off, watch Babylon 5 all the way through, catch up on Digimon Tamers, sleep, and generally turn into a happy little couch (or in my case, bed) potato. No more homework, oh no. I also want to read a bunch of stuff, and sew things. And go hiking. Basically, I want to do those things which are not school-related. But I have the programming competition next weekend and a test and a presentation the Tuesday after that. No rest for Nea, oh no. And I should be working on my thesis, too. >.< .

I think I am getting sick. Grr. This means I should make a point of buying tissues at some point fairly soon, I suppose. Maybe I'll make an outing of it and go all the way to Target so I can see if they have the D-Power yet. That way I can also stop by the video store and rent more of Escaflowne. I don't really have to time watch it, but I can count it as "working on my thesis" so maybe I can squeeze it in over the weekend.

Now I should probably start getting ready for my next class. EIther that or lie in bed and moan. I'm fairly definitely getting sick. Ug.

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