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"Your last party turned into C-SPAN, but this one has underage strippers!" - qousqous

Well, my Halloween party went pretty well. qousqous has pictures of it up here. qousqous, giapet, kunzite1, natakryu, two_star, and clipdude all showed up. We only had 29 kids at the door this year, though. Costco was being a big disorganized meanie-head and only had their nasty combo pizzas out, so I went to Papa Murphy's and got pizza there. Theirs tastes better anyway. We watched half of The Sound of Music, which qousqous somehow hadn't seen before. Sadly, I still have a teeny bit of margarita left. I think I will drink it for my half-birthday, which is November 15th.

Saturday, I went over to kunzite1's for a while to hang out with him, giapet, and, somewhat, natakryu, although he had his own friends over and was busy waving his new sword around (it was his birthday at some point his weekend). We built a fort and watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I left around Castle Anthrax because it was late, I was tired, and Mike and Gia had already fallen asleep anyway.

Yesterday, I was thinking of going to Dan's DDR party, but I decided that 3 days of Mike, Gia, and Dan in a row was just too many, and I went shopping with my mom instead. Plus, I wanted to buy new socks. Then mom had Yasu, Grammy, and I over for dinner. Yasu was staying over because he and Tom had to get up at 0200 so they could catch a plane.

Dana Lyons in playing in Portland this Wednesday. Is anyone else planning on going? Tom wanted to, but he'll be out of town.

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