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Halloween stuff

I finally finished my Halloween costume over the weekend. When I was a kid, my mom didn't work, and she always sewed my costume for me. I now have this nutty idea that it's kind of "cheating" to go buy a premade costume (although I gave up and did so last year) so, since I bought myself a nice new sewing machine over the summer, I made my own costume again this year.

This machine makes it so much better, I just couldn't believe it. I made a piece out of the same kind of material (netting) two years ago on mom's sewing machine, and it was horrid. The thread kept breaking, the machine kept dying, and it just sucked. It took forever/ By with my nice new machine, I think the thread broke once (because it got snagged on the spool) and the machine never died. It was so nice! It made it much much easier to sew, because I didn't have to worry about the machine.

Anyway, my costume. I'm going as kind of a dark fairie, and I made a gathered netting skirt with six different vertical panels that I didn't sew together and of alternating long and short lengths (since they're gathered, they overlap over most of the skirt) all sewn to a ribbon to tie around my waist. I also made a black opaque skirt to go under it and a netting blouse with really big frills on the sleeves. I'm going to wear my black leotard-looking top under it, and wear some wings I bought with it as well. Pictures may or not be forthcoming, but I doubt the netting will show up well regardless.

On Sunday, I went to Fred Meyer and bought a bunch of pumpkins, some hair glitter/dye stuff (I'm not quite sure which. It said "silver", and there were both glitters and dyes that looked like it floating around...hopefully glitter) and some face makeup. I love Halloween. I just wish that we didn't have school for about a week beforehand so I could work on my costume...

Now that I have a decent sewing machine, I may even try to do some cosplay stuff...of course, that would also likely involve finding time to go to conventions, which hasn't managed to happen yet...

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