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Party update

Ok, the latest on my Halloween party is good news. My dad won't be home, so we no longer have to end the party by 2100 or risk the wrath of The Person Who Wants to Sleep™. I'm vaguely thinking that that party will start at 1700ish and end 2200ish. If anyone would have an easier time coming if it started earlier or ended later, let me know. I'll probably serve dinner about 1830, with ice cream at about 2000. No one is required to be there by any certain time, obviously, so feel free to come late if it makes your life easier. I'm starting the party that early so everyone can be off the road before the kids start trick or treating, which I seem to recall is about 1800 most years.

Please don't park on the side of the driveway nearest to the front door, since I want a nice wide space for the kids to walk on. The other side of the driveway is fair game. If the first two cars angle-parked into both that half of the driveway (ok to overhang the other half of the driveway somewhat as long as there's still a pretty good path for the trick or treaters) and the adjoining barkdust area, I think we can fit 3 cars before people have to start hunting for on-street space. I'm not quite sure if the snouts of two cars can fit into that area or not, though (we used to park the van wholly on that barkdust area, so I think it'd work). I'll have to go look at it in daylight to be sure. Oh, and here is my address, for those that don't already know where I live. If you're planning to come to the party and can't see that post, let me know and I'll add you to that friends group. I have 200 journals on my friends list (darn you, comics feeds!) and it's hard to cull out exactly the right people to add sometimes. So if you can't see it, it's not on purpose and just let me know.

I'm thinking pizza for dinner. I'll probably buy it take-and-bake from Costco, because they have good prices. However, they are big meanie-heads and don't have a vegetarian pizza, so I'll be getting a pepperoni and a cheese. If you don't want pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza, please bring things that you think would be good on pizza and we'll just toss them on (possibly only on a few slices, if no one else likes that topping). If you don't eat pizza, give me some suggestions for things you do eat so I can have something on hand. Oh, and dinner is also why I need a good head count, and an idea of how many eat each kind of pizza. Commenting here with "cheese" or "pepperoni" would be a good way of doing that. Commenting to random posts in other journals with "cheese" or "pepperoni" would be a significantly less effective way of doing that. Also, if anyone can't eat vanilla ice cream for whatever reason, please let me know, and also let me know what kind of fake ice cream you prefer. I assume if you can't eat any particular ice cream topping, you will just avoid it on your own.

I think that about covers it. I'm sorry to those readers who don't live anywhere near Portland and thus can't come to my party, as you are probably sick of hearing about it. If you ever are in Portland, let me know and I'll buy you a milkshake or something to make up for it.
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