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Busy weekend

Yesterday, I took Yas (Yasu? I'm not quite sure) to the pumpkin patch. qousqous, giapet, and kunzite1 came along too. That was kind of fun, but it took all day. The corn maze was pretty fun, but I could have missed the lame-ass "haunted hay maze", which could have been called "stumble around in a barn with the lights out" equally effectively. The farm animals were pretty cute, but I spent a whole summer handling chickens, rabbits, and goats in a petting zoo once, so it really didn't hold much excitement for me. Goats just aren't as cute after you spend time cleaning up after them, keeping them from getting to a place where they can jump on visitors' heads, chasing after them and tackling them when they escape, and trying to keep them from eating any paper in sight (especially since we got a lot of school groups and they tended to be wearing nametags...). Anyway. The whole place was, obviously, geared toward little kids. It was worth going anyway, though. I hope Yas had a good time.

Then qousqous took giapet and kunzite1 to PCC Rock Creek, and I took Yas to the liquor store. See, he can't lease a car because he doesn't have a SSN, so he's reliant on public transit. However, the apartment his company leased for him is in suburbia, so there are some errands that are kind of hard for him to run without a car. Anyway, he bought a whole box of liquor. Poor guy, he must have been stocking up since he didn't know when he'd be able to get back. Aftershock was on sale, so I bought two bottles of it. (Hey, it's liquor, so it's not like it'll go bad any time soon.) I also bought another bottle of rootbeer schnapps, since the first one is almost empty and it's kind of fun to put some shots of it into normal rootbeer. I still have most of a bottle of creme de cacao and no idea whatsoever what I'll end up doing with it. It doesn't mix well with anything else I have, and I can't think of anything non-alcoholic I tend to have that would taste good with chocolate in it. I don't like chocolate with fruit, and that means that I don't like most mixed drinks with creme de cacao in them. Bleh. At least it wasn't very expensive. I might put some in my hot chocolate this winter.

Today, I got up early so I'd have time to go to the grocery store to get supplies for the animepdx meeting. Last time they met here I hadn't had any time to shop and I ended up serving them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut up into little pieces. This time I didn't even have bread, so it was pretty important to get to the store. Otherwise they'd have been eating pineapple pieces and canned green beans on toothpicks, and I don't think that anyone would have gone for that. As it turned out, I got significantly more food than was needed, but it worked out fine. I cut up some carrots and celery and served them with bleu cheese dip, and I made little toothpick snacks with shrimp, olives, and two kinds of cheese. I also got a package of pumpkin donuts, because I had a coupon so they were cheap. However, I succeeded in having enough food for everyone and in having one thing that rathanylakan could eat (she has a lot of food allergies, even worse than my mother), so I think that went pretty well. I wish I hadn't put out all the shrimp, though, since I had to throw out the leftovers (since they'd been sitting out for several hours) and I like shrimp. Oh well.

I get really goofy when I get slightly less than enough sleep for two days in a row. I've been waking up with alarms both days this weekend since I had so much to get done, and I can tell it's affected my personality. Mostly, things just come flying out of my mouth. I was such a member of the peanut gallery at anime club today. I hope I didn't piss anyone off. I basically just say whatever comes to mind, regardless of if it makes any sense, especially if it's really funny in my head. It's like I suddenly think I'm living on a sitcom or something. Example:
rathanylakan "I need to shop for a couch"
algeh "I need to shop for a blue haired girl"
(There was a nameless blue-haired girl in the anime that we'd just been talking about before that, but it still wasn't nearly as funny as it had been in my head.) I think I'm worse mildly-sleep-deprived than I am drunk, in terms of saying dumb things that I either think are funny or that no one wants to really hear about. At least I only ended up babbling about Sean once, and that was when it was just kunzite1 and I in the car, so it could have been worse. You know, saying dumb things wouldn't be half as bad if I didn't feel the need to feel dumb about it later for an absurdly long time.

So anyway, I had a busy weekend. However, I'm unemployed, so I can just catch up on sleep during the week when everyone else is busy anyway.

Oh, and Yas doesn't think he can make my Halloween thing since he's going out of town the next week, but I'm having a vaguely party-like event anyway. If you want to come and don't know where I live, let me know your email address so I can send directions. The current plans involve making ice cream sundaes, eating some kind of dinner (either tacos or pizza, probably pizza), and some kind of video game, movie, board game, or other sitting-in-the-living-room type action. Not in that order. Unless we feel like it. There will be a somewhat limited alcohol selection available to those over 21, but I don't have those normal, sensible things like "vodka", "gin", or, currently, "beer". I do, however, have silly flavored things that are probably meant to be mixed with vodka, and a small amount of frozen margaritas left over from my birthday party (in May, if anyone is keeping track). However, if you want a serious drinking party, you're best off finding a different one. I do, however, have a somewhat decent amount of ice cream toppings. I am the most boring person on earth.

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